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We strive to get it right the first time, and will get into your carpet-related concerns before we start cleaning. Whatever may present a problem is discussed and addressed.

Reasons to have your home and companies cleaned by Leons Carpet Cleaning:

  • The EPA recommends cleaning for health.
  • Carpet may hold it’s face weight in dry soil before it even begins to appear dirty.
  • Indoor and outdoor pollutants can become trapped in your carpet.
  • Reducing indoor contaminants contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

Please call us today to make an appointment. We’d love to offer your home and office all our services.

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“Terrific job, thank you! Dennis came this afternoon and cleaned all our carpet. He managed to remove the pet stains and make it smell and look great again! Good price, fast communication and scheduling, on time and efficient. I will use this service again as needed!”
Testimonial On Leons Carpet Cleaning
Nicole K.
Interior Designer
"Awesome Job! Paul did a wonderful job on the carpet. The carpet is about 10 years old and has not been cleaned in some time. Paul made it look fresh! Very friendly and I enjoy how I am helping a regional small business owner! Highly recommended!"
Testimonial On Leons Carpet Cleaning
Joseph A.
"Spectacular!! I would Highly recommend Leons Carpet Cleaning! Dennis made our living room carpet look like new!! We were going to replace the carpet but chose to have Dennis to work his magic. Thanks again Dennis!!"
Testimonial On Leons Carpet Cleaning
Benedict M.
Real Estate Broker

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We provide carpet cleaning services in Woodbridge, VA area. We do not just stop at carpets either! We are your complete solution for area rugs, upholstery and water damage restoration services as well.