Dry Cleaners That Clean Area Rugs Near Me

{Little furnishing and/or|Small furnishing or} decorating {tricks|suggestions} can make a {big|huge} difference {when|if} you don’t have the time and the budget for an extensive home renovation project. Impressive {curtains|drapes}, quality lighting {fixtures|fittings}, strategically placed mirrors, house plants, and other {small|modest} decorations can create a {unique|special} look and feel and turn your place into a cozy dwelling, a charming {haven|refuge}, or a mysterious mansion. All you need is a {touch|bit} of {imagination|creativity} and designer creativity.

{One of|Among} the simplest and {most effective|best} ways to {create|make} a new look is to {place|put} artistic rugs throughout your {home|dwelling}. {There is|There’s} a {great|good} diversity of {materials and designs|designs and materials} to {choose|select} from so {it is|it’s} easy to {pick|select} {the ones|those} that best reflect your personality and {arrange|organize} the {rugs|carpets} skillfully to add beauty and appeal to your home décor. {Besides|In any case}, area rugs are {very|extremely} convenient and quite a {good|great} investment {because|as} you can rearrange them as you like and take them with you if {you are|you’re} moving.

{Keep|Bear} in mind that {if|in case} you {want|would like} to {enjoy|appreciate} your nice rugs for {many|several} years, you {need|will need} to protect them from wear and tear and keep them clean and in good {condition|shape}.

{Maintaining and Cleaning|Cleaning and maintaining} Area Rugs

Preserving the {good|Fantastic} condition of your rugs {is not|Isn’t} an overwhelmingly difficult task, as long as you follow some basic rules:

Clean regularly. 

Cleaning and maintaining Area Rugs

{It is|It’s} no secret that to prolong the {life|life span} of your possessions, you {need|want} to properly maintain them. Vacuuming your rug once {a|per} week will {prevent|avoid} the accumulation of dust and {dirt|grime} and {will|can} help you {preserve|conserve} its good looks for {a|quite a} long time.

For best results, turn your rug upside down and vacuum the back {first|}. Using the beater bar or the rotating brush of your vacuum cleaner {will|can} help push {most|the majority} of the dirt embedded in the {rug|carpet} fibers toward their {top|shirt}. This {will|can} make it very easy to remove all {the|of the} {grime|dirt} when you flip the {rug|carpet} the {right|ideal} way. 

Vacuum carefully {both sides|either side} of your {rug|carpet}, and the {floor|flooring} surface {underneath|under} it, but {be|make} {sure|certain} not to use the beater on the front of a piece made of {more |}delicate materials, such as natural fibers – if {this|that} is {the case|true}, use suction only. {You are|You’re} also not advised to vacuum the {edges|borders} because you can easily fray and {damage|harm} the fringes and/or tassels;

Remove spills immediately. 

Adequate measures must be taken {as soon as|once} you spill anything on the {rug|carpet}. If the spot remains wet, the liquid will penetrate deep into the fibers and permanently damage them. So, blot {out the liquid|the liquid out} immediately {using|with} a white cotton towel – press it {really|very} {hard|tough} to the {spot|place} from the outside towards the {middle|centre} until it has absorbed {most|the majority} of the moisture, {and |}then apply a {proper|correct} cleaning solution (see below for {details|specifics }). {Remember|Don’t forget} to move the towel {in |}straight lines only when blotting a {wet|moist} spot – NEVER rub in circles to {avoid|prevent} greater {damage|harm};

{Remove|Eliminate} pet hair {gently|softly}. 

Vacuum cleaning is {usually|generally} not efficient enough to {remove|eliminate} all {the|of the} pet hairs collected {on|in} your rug. Use a slightly dampened stiff brush to completely {clean|wash} the fibers, but {always|constantly} brush in the direction of the {nap|rest};

Turn your {rugs|carpeting}. 

You {can|are able to} even out the wear sustained by your {rug|carpet} by turning it {once or twice|a couple of times} a year. Direct sunlight, foot traffic, or {smashing beneath heavy|beating beneath thick} furniture {can|may} fade or {damage|harm} {certain|specific} {areas|regions} of the rug {much|far} more {visibly|clearly} than others, so turn it {regularly|frequently} to {avoid|prevent} excessive signs of wear and tear at {one|the same} place;

Shake smaller rugs. 

Taking your {small|little} area rug {outside|out} to shake or to {beat|conquer} all {the|of the} dirt and dust {out of|from} it and then {letting it|allow it to} air for {several|many} hours {will|can} {help you|allow you to} keep the piece {fresh and clean|clean and fresh}.
{Whenever|At any time} you decide that your floor covering requires more thorough cleaning than {just|simply} {vacuuming,|vacuuming, then} you should take into {account|consideration} the {specific|particular} {type|sort} of your rug. Simply washing the piece with a carpet cleaning {solution|alternative} {may|might} actually ruin {some|a few} more delicate and {expensive|costly} rugs.

Efficient {Tips|Ideas} on How to Clean an Area Rug – Cleaning Specific {Types|Kinds} of Area Rugs

Area rug cleaning {must|has to} be {done|completed} {in accordance with|with regard to} the {specifics|particulars} of the fiber {content|material} and the {construction|building} of your piece.

Synthetic Rugs

Efficient Tips on How to Clean an Area Rug

The least expensive {type|sort} of area rugs usually allow direct washing. {Still|However}, before soaking your {piece|bit} in water, {be sure|make certain} to check for any {specific|particular} cleaning instructions (in case you {haven’t|have not} {preserved|maintained} the original tags attached to your {rug|carpet}, {visit|take a look at} the {nearest|closest} store and find the {same|identical} {type|sort} of floor covering to consult the information available). Mind {the fact that|how} some thicker, richly-dyed synthetic rugs may require dry-cleaning only.

Most synthetic drugs, however, are sturdy enough to be washed with cold water and mild detergent ({small|little} ones {can|may} even be put {into|to} a mesh laundry bag and machine-washed on a gentle cycle and slow {spin|twist }). When washing by hand, submerge your {large|big} rug in a {bathtub|tub} (filled with cool water and about half a cup of a {mild|gentle} washing {agent|representative }) and agitate slowly.

{In any|Whatever the} case, rinse thoroughly and dry {completely|thoroughly} before {laying|placing} the rug on the {floor|ground} again. {It is|It’s} {best|ideal} to {let it|allow it to} air dry but avoid direct sunlight, and hang it {either |}on a {clean railing|wash} or a clothes-drying rack but not over {a single|one} clothesline to {prevent|reduce} distortion of its shape.

Wool Area Rugs

Lay the {rug|carpet} flat on a clean concrete {surface|coating}, wet it with a garden hose, {and|and then} {apply|employ} some {specifically|especially} designed carpet cleaning foam or a solution prepared by stirring a quarter cup of a {mild|gentle} cleansing agent in a bucket of cool water. Be careful {not to|to not} use hot water because the wool will shrink. 

{Also|In addition}, never use strong cleaners {because|since} they will easily damage the fibers! Rub gently with a mop and rinse well. {Remove|Eliminate} as much of the water as {possible|you can} (you are advised to {press|press on} white cotton towels {over|across} the surface to blot out {most|the majority} of the moisture) and {let it|allow it to} air dry on a {hard|tough} level area (never hang wool rugs).

{You are|You’re} {recommended|suggested} to {only|just} wash area rugs on sunny and warm days so that they can dry completely and quickly or you may risk bacteria growth on them!

{Natural|Organic} Fibers

Rugs made from coir, sisal, grass, etc.. 

Dirt sifts through the open weave of {rugs|carpets} made from these natural fibers, so {you will|you’ll} {need|have} to {clean|wash} the floor beneath {as well|also}. {Remember|Bear in mind} that water weakens natural fibers, so when washing, {scrub really quickly|wash really fast} {with|using} a soft brush dipped in soapy water. Rinse immediately and dry {thoroughly|completely};

Silk rugs. 

These are {extremely|very} delicate and should be treated with extra care, even {when|if} vacuumed (a beater bar can damage them beyond repair). Talcum powder {could|can} be used to {absorb|consume} a {small|tiny} stain but you {cannot|can’t} simply wash silk rugs because exposing them {to water |}also damages the {fine|delicate} fibers. Professional cleaning is {definitely|unquestionably} your safest {option|choice};


 Sprinkle talcum powder all over the {rug|carpet} and let it rest for {several|many} hours. Then brush the powder through the hair and {vacuum or shake|shake or vacuum} it clean. You can {wipe|wash} the back of {these|those} rugs {with|using} a cloth soaked in soapy water and {then |}rinse it with a cloth dipped in clean water but {make|be} sure {it has|it’s} dried up completely before {putting|placing} {the rug back|back the carpeting} in place. NEVER wet the fur!

Hand-made, {Oriental|Asian} or Antique Rugs

{Don’t|Do not} risk it – just take these extremely valuable pieces to a {reputable|respectable} professional cleaner {like|such as} Leons Carpet Cleaning. Even vacuuming {vintage|classic} or antique rugs is tricky, so {be sure|make certain} to follow all {the|of the} {care and maintenance|maintenance and care} tips concerning the specific content and {construction|structure} of your piece.

Area Rug Cleaning Tips for Removing Stains

As {already|previously} mentioned, any accidental stains on your {rug|carpet} {must|has to} be {removed|eliminated} as soon as possible by blotting, not rubbing the {spot|place}. How to spot clean your rug depends, of course, on the nature of the {stain|blot}:

Area Rug Cleaning Tips for Removing Stains

{How|The best way} to clean a stain from alcohol and soft {drinks|beverages}. 

Red wine and fruit juices are notorious for staining area rugs. To prevent permanent damage, prepare a solution of liquid dishwashing agent (one tablespoon), white vinegar (a quarter of a tablespoon) and water (one quart). 

Using hydrogen peroxide {instead of|rather than} water {gives|provides} better results but {sometimes|occasionally} a {damp|moist} white towel is all you {need|want} to remove a {stain|blot}. If you have {applied|implemented} a cleaning solution, {don’t|do not} forget to rinse well and to blot dry;

How to clean stains {from|out of} {coffee and tea|tea and coffee}. 

The second most {common|frequent} stains come from spilled coffee. {It has|It’s} a rich color and {could|might} be rather {difficult|tricky} to remove unless treated immediately. The vinegar-dishwasher-water mix should work for you, but if the stain has {already |}penetrated deeper in the {fibers,|fibers, then} you {may|might} need an {appropriate|proper} {commercial|business} {spot carpet|area rug} cleaner;

How to {remove|eliminate} fat-based stains. 

For any {kind|sort} of {grease and oil|oil and grease} stains, use talcum powder as described above. {Most|Many} dry-solvent spot carpet cleaners should also do the trick;

How to remove {gum and/or wax|wax or gum }. 

Scrape as much as {you can|possible} and then {freeze|suspend} the {spot|place} with ice cubes in a plastic bag and remove the hardened material with a dull knife. Rub the spot with a cotton cloth dampened in alcohol and blot dry, or use a dry-solvent spot cleaner if the stain is too persistent. {There is|There’s} an alternative {method|way} of placing a brown paper bag over the {spot|place} and ironing over it to {completely|fully} absorb the stain without further ado. This is {particularly|very} effective for wax;

How to remove stains from paint. 

{Apply|Employ} a detergent solution while the {spot|place} is still wet and dab with rubbing alcohol. Mineral spirits should be used for oil-based paints but with great {caution|care};

{How|The best way} to clean a stain from tomato sauce. 

{Using|Working with} a citrus-oxygen cleaner is {supposedly|allegedly} the best {method|way} to remove stains from tomato sauce. A detergent solution may also work, but you {need|want} to rinse well with a {mixture|mix} of one part vinegar and two parts water {afterwards|later}. {Don’t|Do not} forget to always blot dry {immediately|quickly}. {Exactly|Precisely} the same approach should be used to {remove|eliminate} pet odor and urine stains from {rugs|carpeting}, {as well|also}.

Steam cleaning is {usually|generally} a guaranteed success.

{What|Everything} you need to remember {regardless of|Whatever} the specific cleaning method you choose:

  • Always consult {the|with the} cleaning instructions specific {for|to} your {rug|carpet};
  • use as {little|small} cleaning solution as possible;
  • {test|check} any {commercial|industrial} cleaning product or {home-made|home cleaning} cleaning solution on a small area of the {rug|carpet} first to {make sure|ensure} it {will not|won’t} {damage|harm} the fibers or the {colors|colours};
  • {clean|wash} in a {gentle and slow|slow and gentle} {manner|way};
  • never rub vigorously in circles;
  • always {rinse|wash} thoroughly and blot dry;vinegar, salt, mild dishwashing agents and cold water, {as well as|in addition to} ironing, may or {may|might} not be capable of {miracles|wonders} but in {case|the event} you {need|want} deeper cleaning or {just|simply} prefer a professional approach {when it comes|in regards} to your cherished {rugs|carpeting}, hiring {expert|specialist} help is {sure|guaranteed} to yield satisfactory results.

{How|The way} to clean an area rug {depends|is dependent} {on|upon} many factors but {proper|appropriate} care and gentle cleaning is the key to prolonging the life of your rug and {to keeping|keep} it stain-free and beautiful for {many|several} years.

If DIY rug cleaning {is not|isn’t} for you, consider calling a {professional|specialist} carpet and {rug|carpet} cleaning company {like|such as} Leons Carpet Cleaning.

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