Fabric Couch Cleaner

Cleaning and maintaining your {fabric|cloth} sofa {doesn’t|does not} have to be {difficult|hard}. With {a|just a} little attention to {a few|some} important {tips|suggestions}, you can clean and {maintain|keep} your {sofa|couch} stress-free. This {guide|manual} includes how to {clean|wash} a fabric {sofa|couch}, the {basics|fundamentals} of fabric codes, {how|the way} to prevent your {sofa|couch} from sinking in and pet-proofing your {furniture|own furniture}.

Vacuuming and brushing your {sofa|couch }

{There’re also|Additionally, there are} dust, {dirt|soil}, and abrasion to {consider|think about}, all of which {can|may} cause the fabric to wear {faster|quicker}. Vacuuming your upholstered furniture regularly with an upholstery attachment {removes|eliminates} dust {that|which} can {cause|lead to} abrasion. {Make|Be} {sure|certain} {to|that you} never use a brush attachment as it {may|might} damage the fabric.

{Occasionally|Sometimes}, some fabrics may show signs of pilling. Although pilling can be {unattractive|unsightly}, it {does not|doesn’t} {affect|impact} the integrity of the {fabric|cloth}. The lint from {clothing|clothes} and throws can get caught in the pills, {making|which makes} the pills more visible. 

Fabric Furniture Cleaning Codes

Found a stain? Attend to it {immediately|instantly}. Leons Carpet Cleaning is at your service to answer any {questions|queries} you have. On any upholstery products, {you will|you’ll} {find|discover} the care {label|tag} – usually under a seat cushion – {where|in which} a cleaning code is {listed|recorded}. This will {tell you|let you know} what to use for spot-cleaning.

Fabric care codes.

Fabric Furniture Cleaning Codes

“S” Solvent

Spot clean {using|with} a mild water-free solvent or dry-cleaning {product|item}. Only water-free, pure {cleaning|cleansing} agents may be used.

“W” Water

Spot clean using the foam only from a water-based cleaning agent such as a mild detergent or non-solvent upholstery shampoo product. Apply foam with a soft brush in a circular motion. Vacuum or brush when dry.

“SW” Solvent or Water

Spot clean {with|using} a mild solvent or upholstery shampoo or the foam from a mild detergent. When using a solvent or dry-cleaning {product|solution}, follow instructions carefully and clean only in a {well-ventilated |}room.


Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent, or {mild|gentle} dry-cleaning solvent. {Be sure|Make certain} to pre-test a {small|tiny} inconspicuous area before proceeding. Do not saturate. Pile fabrics may require brushing with a non-metallic bristle brush. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning {is not|isn’t} a recommended cleaning {method|process}.

“X”: Vacuum or Brush Lightly Only

Water-based foam cleaners or solvent-based cleaning agents of any kind may cause excessive shrinking. {Using|With} a soft cloth, blot up as much of the stain as possible – {do not|don’t} rub. Dab a {tiny|very small} amount of cleaner {to|into} the {stain|blot} using your {fingertips|palms} and rub gently. Blot again with a soft white {cloth|fabric} working in a circular motion from the outside {in|}.

Other {sofa|couch} maintenance {considerations|factors}:

  • Never remove cushion covers for separate cleaning (even though they {may|might} have zippers).
  • Caring for your beautifully upholstered furniture is {pretty|really} {easy|simple} to do. To keep it looking at its best, annual professional cleaning is {recommended|suggested}.

{How|The Way} to get a {dog and cat|cat and dog} {smell|odor} out of your {sofa|couch }

{Many|A lot} {of us|people} want the best of both worlds. We {want|would like} our furniture to be {clean and tidy|tidy and clean} while having Fido or Rex {by|from} our side as we watch our {favorite|favourite} {sport|game} or reality TV show. {However,|But} this {doesn’t|will not} always seem possible. That {being|having been} said, there are {several|numerous} ways to {have|get} your cake and eat it, too. Not every idea here {will be|is} for you or your lifestyle.

{Tips|Strategies} For Pet-Proofing {Your|Your Own} Sofa

One or more of these remedies will surely work to {help|assist} you pet-proof your new furniture{:|}

How to get a dog and cat smell out of your couch

  • {Go|Move} with leather or microfiber. The leather is easy to clean and durable. Pet hair {doesn’t|does not} stick to a leather {sofa|couch } and can be easily removed with the wipe of {cloth|fabric} across its surface. {Similarly,|Likewise} stains {don’t|do not} hold. For {dogs|puppies}, leather is {perfect|ideal}. However, cats {may|could} be tempted to scratch its surface.
  • If {you’re|you are} averse to {having|getting} your cat de-clawed, then {consider|look at} an upholstered microfiber fabric. For some unknown reason, cats {don’t|do not} seem at all interested in scratching it. And like leather, {it is|it’s} more easily cleaned than most fabrics.
  • {Purchase|Buy} a {comfortable|comfy} {bed|mattress} for your Pet. There are {some|a number of} great, {comfortable|comfy} pet beds on the market today. Some are even orthopedically {recommended|advised}. While some are {a bit|somewhat} {pricey|expensive} for pet furniture, {there are|you will find} plenty affordable and comfortable {options|alternatives} for man’s best friend. And, if Fido loves his doggy bed, he {won’t|will not} be as inclined to {hop|jump} up {on|in} your California king at night.
  • {Buy|Purchase} a {sofa|couch} with removable cushions. Not an {ideal|perfect} remedy, {selecting|picking} from models with {removable|detachable} cushions can make it {easy|effortless} to wash any {mishaps|accidents} away by unzipping the {fabric|cloth} covers and simply leaning them. {However,|But} that severely limits the furniture {styles and models|designs and styles} you can {choose|pick} from.
  • {Keep|Maintain} a lint roller nearby. My least {favorite|favourite} tip but one {that|which} works well nonetheless, a lint roller will {effectively|efficiently} pick up all that loose hair and keep your new furniture {nice and clean|clean and nice}.

{How To|The Way to} Fix Sagging Couch Cushions

Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services

{Start|Begin} with flipping and fluffing. Sounds {easy|simple}, right? It is. Simply take each cushion {that’s|that is} removable and {flip|turn} it, fluff it, and rotate it to {a different|another} place if there are {other|additional} same-sized back or seat cushions on the piece (a {sofa|couch}, {for|as an} {example|instance }). This helps to {ensure|make sure} all cushions wear evenly, so your furniture lasts longer. {Don’t|Do not} forget to {flip|reverse} and fluff your accent {pillows|cushions}!

We {recommend|urge} {flip|reverse} & fluffing your cushions every 3 months, but there are {some|a number of} {factors|elements} that may have you doing it more {frequently|often}.

{Do|Can} you have {kids|children} and animals playing, crawling, and jumping on your furniture?

Are your cushions a {blend|combination} down or feather fill?

If you answer”yes” to either of {these|those} questions, {up the frequency|the frequency up} of your flip & fluff reminder.
As much as {we all|all of us} love to see {sunshine|sun} streaming into a room, it {can|may} fade fabrics and break down fibers. Avoid {placing|putting} upholstered furniture in direct sunlight, or {in front of|facing} windows without coverings. 

Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services

Your sofas, lounge chairs, office chairs and dining chairs are in {everyday|regular} use and are {regularly|frequently} being exposed to:

  • Dirt and Allergens
  • Germs and Bacteria
  • Stains and Odours
  • Fleas and Dustmites

The truth is when {we are|we’re} out of our {homes or offices|offices or homes}, {we will|we’ll} be sitting on the bus, MRT, coffee shops and other public {places|areas} and back on our office chairs and {sofas|couches}.

So it becomes {unavoidable|inevitable} that {we are|we’re} accumulating dirt in our {chairs|seats} and sofas. Having Leons Carpet Cleaning to professionally maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery, it {will not|won’t} {only|just} {benefit|help} you but also your {family|loved ones}, friends, {colleagues|coworkers} and {customers|clients}. Our {sofa|couch} cleaning services in New Jersey are cost-effective that {ensures|guarantees} you a dirt-free sofa {at|in} your home or work.

What Solutions {Do|Can} We Provide

Not only does Leons Carpet Cleaning provide a cleaning solution {on|in} your upholstery {at|in your} home, but we also perform sanitation on {fabric|cloth} upholstery for yachts, mattress headboards and office {fabrics|cloths}.

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