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The best way to clean leather furniture {is|would be} to do it {gently|lightly}. The {gentler|milder} your cleaning {method|process} the better. Leather is a very forgiving material, and {just|only} a small {amount|number} of {regular|standard} care goes a long way. Stains {happen|occur}, and so does {dust and dirt|dirt and dust}. 

{However|But}, using harsh cleansers on leather {can|may} {leave|render} stubborn stains that are {hard|tough} to remove. This is {especially|particularly} true for aniline leather {which|that} {can|could} become stained {easily|readily} as it {does not|doesn’t} have a protective {layer|coating} on top.

How {Often|Frequently} to Clean Leather

How Often to Clean Leather

Clean any stains immediately {so|so that} they {do not|don’t} have {a chance|an opportunity} to set. Older stains {that|which} have had time to {dry|wash} and set {may|could} be {harder|more difficult} to {remove|eliminate}, and these {gentler|milder} methods of cleaning {may|might} not work so well.

{It is|It’s} {best|ideal} to clean your leather furniture regularly to prevent dirt buildup. Save your furniture manufacturer’s {instructions|directions }, and follow {them for|along with} the {care and cleaning|cleaning and care} of your leather furniture. Those {instructions|directions} are targeted towards the specific {type|sort} of leather {that|which} was used {in|on} your furniture.

If the instructions have gotten lost, just send for them. {Ask|Consult} your furniture retailer, or contact the manufacturer. {It is|It’s} {very|quite} {helpful|useful} to have them when {there are|you will find} difficult stains {on|in} your upholstery.

What {You’ll|You Will} Need

{Equipment|Gear} / {Tools|Gear }

  • Microfiber {cloth|fabric }


  • Mild soap{Instructions|Directions }

When there are no {instructions|directions}, the single best and {simplest|easiest} way to clean leather is {with|using} a {very small|tiny} {amount|quantity} of very mild soap, such as Dove or Ivory. Always remember to test first in an inconspicuous {spot|place} and allow to dry. This works on {most|many} stains as well as for general cleaning and upkeep.

Use a Microfiber Cloth First

Before you {clean|wash} it with soap and {water,|water, then} go over it with a dry microfiber cloth. It will get {most|the majority} of the dirt.

Moisten Cloth Slightly

{Once|As soon as} {you are|you’re} {done|finished} with that, moisten a cloth very slightly; wipe it across a bar of {mild |}soap. If {you are|you’re} using liquid {soap,|soap, then} use a very slight amount. Now, clean the surface of your furniture with this {damp|moist} cloth.

{Do Not|Don’t} Rinse; {Instead|Rather}, Buff with a Dry Cloth

Never {let|allow} the leather get {overly|too} wet, and remember {to not|not to} rinse after cleaning with the soap. Simply buffing {with|using} a soft {cloth|fabric } is all you {need|require}. The moisture from the soap will {condition|state} the leather as it cleans. Polish if you {need|want} to, but {just|only} using this method {by itself|alone} is {enough|sufficient}.

{Remove|Eliminate} any Stains, if Applicable

When treating a {stain|blot}, your best bet is to try a gentle method {first|}. Most stains respond well to gentle treatment. A tougher stain may {need|require} a more heavy duty {approach|strategy}.

Remove any Stains if Applicable

Use a clean, soft, absorbent {cloth|fabric}. Have several rags on hand as you {will|may} need {some|a few} for wet wiping and {some|a few} for drying it {later|afterwards}. If the stain comes {from|out of} a {liquid,|liquid, then} blot up as much as {you can|possible}. {Do not|Don’t} wipe it, as that can make the stain {bigger|larger} and more {difficult|challenging} to manage. 

Dampen the cloth with water. {Do not|Don’t} over wet the {cloth|fabric}, because doing {that|this} can leave water stains {on|in} your leather furniture. The cloth just {needs|has} to be damp. Sometimes spraying water {onto|on} the rag {with|using} a spray bottle is {enough|sufficient}, otherwise, wring out the excess {before|prior to} using.

Apply a {small amount|little bit} of soap to the {damp|moist} cloth and work it into a lather. Simply wiping it across a bar of soap {may|could} be all that is {required|necessary}. Apply a {small amount|little bit} of soap to the {damp|moist} cloth and work it into a lather. 

Simply wiping it across a bar of soap {may|could} be all that is {required|necessary}. Using the {cloth|fabric}, work the cleaner into the leather very {gently|lightly}. Gentle circular motions work well. You {do not|don’t} need to rinse. Simply absorb any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

Leather Cleaning And Restoration

Leather furniture is an {excellent|outstanding} investment and adds a {touch|bit} of class to your {home|dwelling}. Though leather is {extremely|very} durable, {evidence|signs} of wear is {highly|extremely} noticeable, {which is|and that’s} why {cleaning and maintenance|maintenance and cleaning} are so important. Most cleaning products on the market {are not|aren’t} {appropriate|suitable} for leather and {may|might} break down leather finishes, {leading to|resulting in} dryness and cracking.

Leons Carpet Cleaning {offers|provides} a safe and effective clean for leather furniture {that|which} restores its natural vibrancy and shine, adding years of life to your investment. With regular cleaning by our Certified Leather Specialist, you can {prevent|avoid} undue wear and {keep|maintain} leather furniture looking great.

Maintain Leather Furniture

{Over time|As time passes}, body oils, perspiration, skin acids and {regular|normal} wear and tear {can|may} diminish the {appearance|look} of leather furniture, leaving dark spots or stains.

Maintain Leather Furniture

Oils and Grease

Body oils {from|out of} people and animals {are easily|can easily be} {transferred|moved} and {seep|float} into parts of leather furniture {that|which} get a {lot|whole lot} of {use|usage}, causing {serious|severe} damage to the furniture’s protective finish.

Atmospheric Soils

Dust particles {as well as|in addition to} airborne cooking oils and invisible air pollutants {produced|made} by common home activities eventually {find|make} their way {onto|on} leather furniture and cause {problems|difficulties}.

{Common|Frequent} Soils

Soils including {common|frequent} dirt, sand and fibers from plants {are|have been} tracked into the {home|house} by adults, {kids|children} and pets, attaching to the leather {every|each} time the furniture is used.

Dyes and Inks

A leaky pen, the ink {from|by} a {newspaper|paper} and the dyes from {fabrics|materials} {like|such as} denim are {among|one of} the ways that {inks and dyes|dyes and inks} can be {transferred|moved} to leather furniture and can be {hard|tough} to remove without damaging the surface.

Our Certified Leather {Specialists|Experts} will carefully identify your furniture’s leather types and {select|choose} products {specifically|especially} designed to clean and {remove|eliminate} soil buildups and other stain causing {elements|components}. We’ll|We will} then {condition|state} and protect your leather to {revitalize|rejuvenate} and {replenish|rejuvenate} its natural beauty and {feel|texture}.

Restore Leather Furniture

Throughout the {lifetime|duration} of your leather furniture {it is|it’s} {bound|likely} to {get|have} a {couple|few} nicks and {scrapes|scratches} along the way. Our Certified Technicians are well-trained to address {just |}these {problems|issues}. We take {time|the time} to inspect your leather furniture and {apply|employ} special pigmentation that {matches|fits} perfectly with your furniture’s original tan. We can also revitalize the {color|colour} of sensitive aniline leathers.

{It is|It’s} recommended to establish of {regular|routine} cleaning {schedule|program} {that|which} includes professional cleanings between 2 and 4 times {a year|annually}, {depending|based} on the {age|time} of the furniture and amount of wear it {gets|receives}.

{Keeping|Maintaining} Leather Furniture Clean

To restore the luster and {health|wellness} of your leather furniture and protect your investment, call Leons Carpet Cleaning {today|now} to {get|have} a {FREE|complimentary} leather cleaning {estimate|quote} or to schedule {an appointment|a consultation}.

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