Pet Urine Cleaner

Cleaning up urine is one of the most frustrating aspects of being a pet owner, and {it’s|it is} just something {that|which} happens even to the best pets. Not only is pet {urine|pee} a pain to clean up, but {it also|in addition, it} causes stains, damages your carpet, and leaves a horrible {smell|odor}. This smell is {incredibly|remarkably} {potent|powerful} and lingers throughout the {house|home}, which {is not|isn’t} how you want it to smell when you have guests over.

However, with the {help|assistance} of Leons Carpet Cleaning, {we’ve|we have} compiled some of the best tips to {remove|eliminate} the smell of pet urine {out of|from} your carpet.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

It {can|may} be almost always {guaranteed|ensured} that your four-legged pals {will|are going to} have an accident while you’re at work or out of the house for {an extended|a protracted} {period of time|time period}. Many try the baking soda and vinegar method and have been successful.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

When accidents are untouched for {an afternoon|a day} or a {few|couple of} hours, bacteria will {begin|start} to grow {in|on} your carpet and the room will {start|begin} to stink. {Start|Begin} with a 50/50 solution {combination|blend} of white vinegar and water. 

Pour the solution {on the spot|immediately} and get out your {scrub|wash} brush; {it’s|it is} time to put some elbow grease into cleaning {the mess up|up the mess}. The vinegar neutralizes the ammonia {in|from} the urine, {which is|that’s} the {first|initial} step of {eliminating|removing} the odor.

{Once|When} the {spot|place} on the carpet is dry, sprinkle baking soda on top of it. After that, get some detergent and {hot|warm} water and scrub like {you’ve|you have} never scrubbed before. 

{Once|When} the area is dry {again|}, run the vacuum over it a {couple|few} times and you’ll be set.

This {method|technique} isn’t 100% reliable, but {it is|it’s} always worth a try.

Enzymatic Cleaners

Another {great|terrific} way to {get|find} those embarrassing pet stains and smells out of your carpet is by {purchasing|buying} a {strong|powerful} enzymatic cleaner {solution|alternative }. These solutions are designed to remove organic stains {including|such as} {urine|germs} by breaking down {protein, oils|oils, protein}, and starches.

To effectively {remove|eliminate} urine scents and stains {with|using} an enzymatic {cleaner,|cleaner, then} you {must|need to} {keep|maintain} the {spot|place} damp for 24 hours or {more|longer}. After spraying the {stain|blot} or {area|place} where your pet urinated {with|using} the enzymatic {cleaner,|cleaner, then} cover it with a {wet|moist} washcloth. This will {make|be} {sure|certain} that the enzymes remain active to {eliminate|get rid of} the {bacteria|germs} creating the unpleasant scent.

If {this|that} is the route {that |}you {want|would like} to take, {try|attempt} Anti-Icky-Poo or Sunny & Honey. Both work great and {can|may} be used on {carpets and furniture|furniture and carpets}.


This should always be your worst case scenario option when it comes to cleaning your carpets. {Only|Simply} use bleach on white {carpets|rugs}. {That|This} way, the carpet keeps its original color. If {you’re|you are} going to use bleach, {make|be} {sure|certain} {to|that you} open any nearby windows and keep your pets in a {completely|very} different room to {prevent|avoid} the fumes from affecting them.

Dilute the bleach {with water|}. This will {prevent|keep} the bleach from {being|becoming} too {strong|powerful} and {unsafe|dangerous} for pets and {children|kids}. Also, {stay|keep} away from ammonia-based {cleaners|cleansers} when {trying|attempting} to {clean|wash} repeated pet accidents.

{One|1} thing to {keep|bear} in mind is that bleach itself {won’t|will not} clean the carpet. You will still {need|have} to {thoroughly|completely} clean it {using|with} a carpet brush and carpet shampoo to {remove|get rid of} a pet stain. Using {bleach and |}the carpet shampoo can be effective, but {should not|shouldn’t} be your first {option|choice}.

Carpet Cleaning Services

While home remedies {can|may} work on light stains {on|in} your carpet, carpets with {frequent|regular} accidents {may|might} {need|want} the {help|support} of a professional. The most reliable and {efficient|effective} way to {get rid of|eliminate} those stains and smells is to {get|find} a professional cleaning {crew|team} to your {house|residence}.
Carpet cleaning professionals are highly skilled technicians {who|that} are trained and background-checked {to be|are} the {best|very best} in the industry. {They will|They’ll} get your carpet clean from top to bottom and rejuvenate spots that {seem|appear} to be {at|in} the point of no return.

Carpet Cleaning Services

When you hire a carpet cleaning {company|business}, you’re not {only|just} getting a technician {who|that} has cleaned countless carpets before, but also the training they received to fight even the toughest stains. Technicians get intensive training in carpet fiber {components|elements}, stain removal {techniques|methods}, and equipment operation. This is the difference between doing it yourself and hiring {someone|somebody} who knows {exactly|precisely} how to {get rid of|eliminate} pet stains thoroughly and {correctly|properly}.

{Dealing with|Handling} pet urine is {certainly|definitely} not fun, but {it is|it’s} ultimately inevitable. {Even the|The} cutest of pups have {accidents|injuries} {sometimes|occasionally}. {If you do|Should you} {choose|decide} to use a home remedy, always {make sure|be sure that} the items you’re using to clean your carpet are {pet-friendly or |}block off the area of the room so {your|that your} 4-legged pal {doesn’t|does not} get hurt or sick from the chemicals used to clean the carpet.

Pet Urine Cleaner in New Jersey

Leons Carpet Cleaning {offers|provides} high-quality {urine|pee} decontamination services in New Jersey. Pet urine stains in {carpeting|carpet} is {an issue|a matter} {that|which} {requires|needs} in-depth cleaning treatment. Without {proper|appropriate} treatment, it {can|may} {lead to|result in} foul odour and permanent stains.

{We have|We’ve} got the {right|ideal} cleaning solutions that solve your pet urine cleaning {issues|problems} in a jiffy. Have no worries, if your pet urine {might|may} have soaked through {to |}the carpet backing or pad {underneath the carpet|under the carpeting}. {We have|We’ve got} the {necessary|required} expertise and equipment to {remove|eliminate} pet urine odour and stains {efficiently|economically}. Our pet urine cleaning solutions include:

  • Surface yarn treatment
  • Sub-surface flooding and disinfecting program
  • Comprehensive treatment to {remove|eliminate} odours and harmful bacteria.

Depend on Us to {Remove|Eliminate} Pet Odours

Depend on Us to Eliminate Pet Odours

Never hire an amateur to {remove|eliminate} {cat or dog|dog or cat} urine stains. If {you’re|you are} dealing with cat urine {in|within} an area rug, you {must always|always have to} hire {a professional|an expert} for {the|your} cleaning job. Cat {urine|pee} is distinctive, {as|because} {it is|it’s} water-resistant making it {difficult|hard} to remove the {smell|odor} from a carpet or area rug. Our cleaning professionals have adopted a {unique|special} {method|system} to {remove|eliminate} horrible lingering pet urine {scent|odor} from your textiles.

On the other hand, dogs {may|can} leave {unpleasant|harsh} urine {smells|scents} that may sink deep {into|in} your carpet for a {decrease|drop} in the {freshness|warmth} and comfort of your {home|dwelling}. Our {in-depth|comprehensive} carpet cleaning methods {allow|enable} us to clean down into your area rug to remove the organic {material|substance} {that|which} {causes|leads to} unpleasant odours.

Trust the Crew with {Experience|Expertise }

We have years of {experience|expertise} in removing pet stains and odours, and we are {ready|prepared} to {put|place} the {experience|expertise} to work for you. Odours are {just |}one of {your|the} concerns when it comes to {maintaining|keeping} your {carpet|carpeting} and furniture. 

As part of our pet stain removal {service|assistance}, {we have|we’ve got} a wide {range|assortment} of cleaning solutions. We recommend {that |}you have your carpet cleaned {regularly|frequently}, at least twice {a|per} year. Call us {now|today } for more {assistance|help}.

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