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If {there’s|there is} furniture in your {house|home}, you {need|will need} a professional upholstery cleaning. From rugs to furniture to {drapes|curtains}, there are {multiple|a number of} {benefits|advantages} to having a professional clean the upholstery in the {home|house}. 

A clean {house|home} has significant {effects|impacts} on a {family’s|household’s} health. A {study|research } conducted by Indiana University concluded that {people|individuals} who have clean {houses|homes} are healthier than people with {messy houses|cluttered homes}. 

But who has the time to keep up with all {of |}the housework? Between daily maintenance and {massive|enormous} seasonal {projects|jobs}, there {may|might} not be enough time in the day to worry about the upholstery. However, hiring a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning service {can|may} take a lot {off of|from} homeowners’ plates, {especially|particularly} this time of year {before|prior to} the holidays.

The Five {Benefits|Advantages} of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

There are multiple {benefits|advantages} to having the upholstery in the {home|house} professionally cleaned. The CDC recommends keeping the {house|home} clean to prevent the spread of illness, but there are {more|far more} benefits to having professionally cleaned upholstery. {Here|Listed below} are a few of {them|these}:

The Five Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

1. Better Air Quality in the Home

The upholstery in the {home|house} collects allergens naturally. Professional upholstery cleaning removes allergens such as dander, pollen, and dust. These allergens commonly irritate the eyes, nose, and throat of both {humans|people} and pets in the {home|house}. When these allergens are {removed|eliminated}, {everyone|everybody} in the {house|home} experiences better air quality and better health.

2. Longer Furniture Life

{Having|Possessing} the upholstery cleaned professionally will lengthen the usable life of the furniture in the {home|house}. Regular professional upholstery cleaning prevents {long-lasting|long-term} stains from forming on the furniture. 

{Additionally|Furthermore}, cleaning the furniture {removes|eliminates} buildups of {odors|scents}, body oil, and dust {that|which} may permanently attach themselves {to|into} the {fabric|cloth}. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for {all|each} {of |}the upholstery in the home will lengthen the {life|life span} of the furniture and will save homeowners money in the long {run|term}.

3. Aesthetics

Admittedly, {it’s|it is} no surprise to homeowners {that|who} {clean|wash} furniture looks better than {dirty|filthy} furniture. A professional upholstery cleaning leaves all {of |}the furniture in the {home|house} looking {new and fresh|fresh and new}. {Additionally|Also}, the integrity of the {couch|sofa} cushions is {preserved|maintained} by {regular|routine} cleaning and {they’ll|they will} look better and last longer.

4. Fresher Smell

From food spills to animal odors to {teenagers|teens}’ {sweat|perspiration}, the furniture’s upholstery {gathers|assembles} a {ton|slew} of scents throughout its {life|lifetime}. While homeowners may be tempted to use {fabric|cloth} freshening products like Febreeze, these products {only|just} cover up the {smell|odor} and {don’t|do not} address the source. 

A professional upholstery cleaning is the only way to rid the furniture of invasive and {unwanted|undesirable} {odors truly|scents really}. A fresh-smelling {home|house} is a more comfortable home for {everyone|everybody}, humans, and animals alike.

5. Safest Cleaning Practices

Professional carpet cleaning {companies|businesses} that {offer|provide} upholstery cleaning {services|solutions} have experience with {a myriad|an assortment} of different fabric types. When homeowners hire a professional upholstery cleaner, they {don’t|do not} {have|need} to worry about any damage to their furniture. The professionals identify the safest cleaning {practice|clinic} for each piece of furniture, {and|plus} they already have all {of |}the supplies.

Tips for Pet Owners

Pet owners have a {unique|special} problem {when it comes|in regards} to their upholstery. Many homeowners, {particularly|especially} those with cats, {know|understand} the frustration of getting ready for {work or school|school or work} in the morning to {realize|see} that pet hair is all {over everything|about what}. 

Cats and {dogs|cats} shed fur everywhere, and it {can|may} find its way into {nearly |}any crack and crevice of {the|their} furniture. For {people|men and women} {who|that} have allergies or are sensitive to other contaminants, this amount of hair {can|may} be {uncomfortable|embarrassing} at best. 

Vacuums only go so far when removing hair from the upholstery. There are a few ways to reduce the amount of pet hair {that|which} finds itself embedded in the upholstery and {carpet|carpeting} around the home:

Tips for Pet Owners

Regular grooming. 

{Pets|Antiques} shed their fur {often|frequently}, and this hair finds its way {into|to} the {furniture’s|furniture} upholstery, {especially|particularly} in between couch cushions. To {stay|keep} on top of {this|the} shedding, {make|be} {sure|certain} {to|you} regularly brush all pets in the {home|house} to {ensure|make sure} that loose hair is collected before it has {a chance|an opportunity} to fall off {on|to} the carpet or {couch|sofa}.

Pet beds. 

When {dogs and cats|cats and dogs} have their beds to {lay|put} in, they may get on the furniture and {in|at} the bed less. By providing pets with {beds, homeowners|homeowners, beds} {reduce|decrease} the surface area {needed|required} to be {cleaned|washed} to rid their homes of pet hair.

Rubber brooms. 

Rubber brooms {create|make} a static charge when they make contact with the carpet. Pet hair is {attracted|drawn} to the rubber pad, and {when|as soon as} it accumulates, the pet {hair |}can be removed by vacuum.

While all {of |}the above will {undoubtedly |}help with a pet hair problem in the {home|house}, the best {bet|choice} {is|would be} to call a professional carpet cleaner to rid the {carpet|carpeting} and upholstery of pet hair completely. Additionally, for those {with|who have} small children in the {house|home}, {it’s|it is} important to {ensure|guarantee} cleanliness to ensure children’s health.

When {Hiring|Selecting} a Professional Upholstery Cleaner, Be {Sure|Certain} To:

  • Inform the professional carpet or upholstery cleaners of any allergies or sensitivities to any {chemicals|compounds} in the {home|House}.
  • Mention what {kind|sort} of and how many pets {live|reside} in the {home|house}.
  • Inform the cleaner if any {small|tiny} children are in the {home|house} or {any|some} who spend {significant|considerable} time on the {carpet or furniture|furniture or carpeting}. 

How Can Leons Carpet Cleaning Help?

Leons Carpet Cleaning provides Woodbridge, VA-area residents and business owners with a {wide|broad} {range|assortment} of professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. The {team|staff} members at Leons Carpet Cleaning have {decades|years} of {combined|joint} carpet care {experience|expertise}, and {they are|they’re} {dedicated|devoted} to providing {high-quality|high quality} carpet cleaning and {customer|client} care. 

If the furniture in the {home|house} {needs|requires} cleaning, contact Leons Carpet Cleaning {today|now} for a free estimate. {Find out|Learn} why our average {rating|score} from {past|previous} {customers|clients} is five stars and call {today|now}!

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